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Online Class
Online Class

Tier 4:

For Youth 19+ currently enrolled in a Canadian Post Secondary Institution.

Our Upskilling Youth Internship Program is a dedicated program that provides Youth 19+ with paid and unpaid work Integrated learning opportunities. Youth can apply to work on a variety of different projects within the BBYF. 

Youth learn skills and gain valuable work experience during remote internships contributing 10 hours per week.

Work tasks and responsibilities are flexible and engaging to maximize learning and growth. Youth get paid and also receive a professional portfolio including 4 valuable documents highlighting experience and skills gained during the internship.

Tier 4

(Tier 4: Ages 19+)
Upskilling Youth Internship Program™©

Virtual program with extended hours to offer support from 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm EDT, Monday through Friday.

Monthly Subscription.

Grants, subsidies, and support available, please reach out to us for more options.

Benefits of the Internship Program...

  • Get paid up to $1400!

  • Appreciation Certificates

  • Job Recommendation Letter

  • Gain valuable skills & work experience



  • Ongoing projects year-round

  • Paid Experiential Learning Opportunities 

  • Capstone/Internship/Placement project opportunities for students who need in-field experience for diploma/degree program requirements

  • Guidance and Mentorship

  • References, Recommendations and portfolio documents to help you secure a job in your field after graduation


  • Are your programs online?
    Yes! All our programs are held virtually online through our online platform. We will also be moving into an in person program in the near future, following all COVID-19 Protocols for safety.
  • Can anyone register for BBYF programs?
    Yes!! Our programs are open and available to everyone!!! We welcome everyone from across Toronto and all over the world to be part of the BBYF community.
  • Does my child automatically move to the next tier as they age?
    Yes, as long as your child(ren) is still enrolled in the program, they elevate to the next Tier. Their spot will be reserved without the need to register for the next Tier.
  • What are the group sizes and child-to-staff ratios?
    Our group sizes and child to staff are determined based on the following ratios: Tier 1 program has a ratio of 1:8 (1 teacher per 8 children) Tier 2 program has a ratio of 1:15 (1 teacher per 15 children) Tier 3 program ratios are 1:30 (1 teacher per 30 children) Program ratios represent teaching instructors per group of participants. Each group will have additional educational assistants, supporting the programs in each Tier, including RECE's, Assistant Teachers, Tutors, Family Support workers, Youth mentors and much more!
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