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Benefits of BBYF 

Our students are always at the heart of what we do.

At BBYF our online learning program is easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs.

Every program participant will have access to resources such as: 

  • BBYF's 1 on 1 Homework Support™© (w/ Registered Educative Assistants)

  • BBYF's Behavioral Guidance Techniques & Support™©.

  • BBYF's Emotional Health & Well-Being Check-ins™©

  • BBYF's Early Learning & Development Referrals and Support™©

  • BBYF's Scholarships & Awards™©

  • BBYF's Kingz & Queenz Virtual Network™© (Coming Soon)


Our flexible cultural-based curriculums are designed with independent learners in mind.

An added benefit of our program is that children are provided with incentives! Children who score well in their cultural-based programs will have the opportunity to enter monthly contests and win prizes.



Donate Incentives!

Each Tier program is eligible for prize incentives to encourage individual development of out youth. We are more than happy to accept non-monetary donations such as; books, toys, school supplies, electronic devices, gift cards and vouchers. 


To arrange for a non-monetary donation please reach out to our team.

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