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Building Black Youth

Empowering The Next Generation Through Cultural Education

Culture Focused Education

Going back and embracing our roots in black culture

Unifying Our Community

Developing unity across black families in the GTA

Investing in the Growth of our Youth

Nurturing and supporting your children as they develop

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About Us

Welcome to the Building Black Youth Foundation!

BBYF is a community hub focused on building self-worth through cultural-based education for children and youth.
We are founded on the belief that education should be accessible for any child at any level.

Our unique programs foster connections and build the foundation of cultural identity for children and youth to achieve their goals!


Tier 1
Cultural-based Early Years Program

Ages 0-6

Providing families, guardians, and/or caregivers with a developmentally appropriate, culturally rich, drop-in style program.

Our Sponsors

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