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Online Class

Tier 4:

For Youth 19+ currently enrolled in a Canadian Post Secondary Institution.

Our Upskilling Youth Internship Program is a dedicated program that provides Youth 19+ with paid and unpaid work Integrated learning opportunities. Youth can apply to work on a variety of different projects within the BBYF. 

Youth learn skills and gain valuable work experience during remote internships contributing 10 hours per week.

Work tasks and responsibilities are flexible and engaging to maximize learning and growth. Youth get paid and also receive a professional portfolio including 4 valuable documents highlighting experience and skills gained during the internship.

Upskilling Youth Internship Program™©

Building Black Youth Foundation's Tier 4 Upskilling Youth Internship Program:

Embark on a transformative journey with our Tier 4 Upskilling Youth Internship Program, meticulously crafted for individuals aged 19 and above, currently enrolled in a Canadian Post-Secondary Institution.This dedicated program offers a spectrum of both paid and unpaid work-integrated learning opportunities, empowering youth to apply their knowledge and skills across a diverse range of projects within the Building Black Youth Foundation (BBYF).Engaging in remote internships, youth dedicate 10 hours per week to immersive learning experiences. The flexibility and variety of work tasks not only make the experience engaging but also amplify the potential for skill development and personal growth.Participants receive financial compensation for their contributions and emerge from the program with a meticulously curated professional portfolio. This portfolio includes four valuable documents that serve as a testament to the skills and experience acquired during the internship, providing a tangible foundation for their future career endeavors. Join us in shaping a brighter future through meaningful learning and impactful work experiences with the Building Black Youth Foundation's Tier 4 Upskilling Youth Internship Program.

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Our Upskilling Youth Internship Program has 2 streams

Stream 1: Academic Collaborations for Student Placement, Internship, and Capstone Projects.

Forging Partnerships with Leading Post-Secondary Institutions Across Canada and Internationally. We invite professors, Student Placement Coordinators, and capstone project managers to explore unparalleled opportunities within our Upskilling Youth Internship Program. Designed to bridge academic theory with practical experience, our program offers a diverse array of year-round projects and internships, meticulously tailored to complement the academic requirements of diploma and degree pursuits. Embrace the chance to enhance your curriculum and provide your students with invaluable real-world experience, pivotal for their professional development and career readiness. Our initiatives span various disciplines and industries, ensuring a match for the diverse interests and academic pathways of your students. What Awaits Your Students: A Rewarding Internship Experience. Upon your students successful completion of the internship/placement or capstone project, students will receive a comprehensive portfolio package to bolster their future career prospects. This package includes: - A Generalized Job Recommendation Letter, underscoring their capabilities and achievements. - A Skills Addendum Letter, detailing the specific skills they've honed during their internship. - An Appreciation Certificate, recognizing their dedication and hard work. - A BBYF Special Monument Certificate, marking their significant contribution and success in the project.

Stream 2: Tailored Internship Opportunities Through Riipen’s Level Up Program

Elevate Your Professional Journey with Project-Based Internships in Your Field of Interest. Dedicated to students currently enrolled in Canadian post-secondary institutions, our program offers a unique pathway to real-world, experiential learning opportunities. In partnership with Riipen's Level Up Program, we present an array of internship projects available throughout the year, designed to align with your academic field of study and personal interests. This is a call to action for students eager to extend their learning beyond the classroom, to gain invaluable experience, and to enhance their understanding within their chosen disciplines. Our projects offer not just the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings but also the chance to earn while you learn. What Awaits You: A Rewarding Internship Experience Upon successful completion of your project, you will not only receive a stipend of $1,400, courtesy of Riipen’s Level Up program, but also a comprehensive portfolio package to bolster your future career prospects. This package includes: - A Generalized Job Recommendation Letter, underscoring your capabilities and achievements. - A Skills Addendum Letter, detailing the specific skills you've honed during your internship. - An Appreciation Certificate, recognizing your dedication and hard work. - A BBYF Special Monument Certificate, marking your significant contribution and success in the project.


Discover Our Current Projects and Internship Opportunities

For those dedicated to fostering the next generation of innovators and leaders, we provide a streamlined process to connect your courses and students with meaningful placement opportunities. By partnering with us, you ensure your students not only achieve but exceed their academic and professional objectives.

To begin the journey of enriching your students' educational experiences with practical skills and insights, please complete our form and click here to explore the range of projects currently available within our program.

Kickstart Your Professional Development Today


Seize the opportunity to gain practical experience, to develop professionally, and to make a mark in your field. Fill out this form and click here to verify your eligibility and to explore the wide range of projects currently seeking motivated interns like you. Join us in taking the first step towards a rewarding career with experiential learning at its core.

Eligibility form link:

Tier 4

Benefits of the Internship Program

Discover the unparalleled advantages of the Upskilling Youth Internship Program, meticulously designed to enrich the academic and professional journey of students while providing a robust platform for faculty, professors, and potential funders to contribute to a transformative educational experience.


  • Competitive Stipend Incentive: Participants can earn up to $1,400, providing financial support while they learn and grow professionally.

  • Recognition of Excellence: Receive Appreciation Certificates as a testament to your dedication and hard work throughout the internship, enhancing your personal achievement portfolio.

  • Professional Endorsements: Benefit from a Job Recommendation Letter, crafted to highlight your unique contributions and skills, significantly boosting your employability prospects.

  • Skill Development & Work Experience: Engage in practical, real-world projects that hone your professional skills and work experience, setting you apart in the job market.

  • Continuous Learning Opportunities: With ongoing projects available year-round, the learning and development never stop, ensuring you're always at the forefront of your field.

  • Paid Experiential Learning: Through Stream 2, not only do you gain invaluable experience, but you are also compensated for your contributions, merging educational growth with financial incentive.

  • Tailored Project Opportunities: Whether it's for Capstone, Internship, or Placement projects, we provide opportunities that align with the in-field experience requirements of your diploma or degree program, ensuring relevance and applicability.

  • Dedicated Internship Management and Support: Engage with our specialized internship managers, who are committed to guiding you through your projects from start to finish. Their supportive oversight is designed to set you up for success, ensuring you not only complete your internship with valuable outcomes but also gain confidence and clarity in your professional journey.

  • Robust Professional Portfolio: Upon completion, receive references, recommendations, and a suite of professional portfolio documents designed to assist you in securing a position in your field post-graduation, giving you a competitive edge.

Additional Benefits to Elevate Your Experience:

  • Network Expansion: Gain access to a network of professionals and peers within your field, opening doors to future opportunities and collaborations.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility: With fully remote project opportunities, participants can engage from anywhere, ensuring inclusivity and flexibility for students across Canada and internationally.

  • Cultural and Community Engagement: For projects that encourage cultural understanding and community involvement, participants can enrich their personal growth and social responsibility.

Innovative Learning Platforms: Utilize cutting-edge tools and platforms that enhance the learning experience, preparing you for the technological demands of the modern workplace.


This comprehensive suite of benefits underscores the program's commitment to fostering the next generation of skilled professionals. Whether you're a student seeking to enhance your academic credentials, a faculty member aiming to expand your students' horizons, or a potential funder looking to invest in the future of education and workforce development, the Upskilling Youth Internship Program represents a pivotal opportunity for growth, development, and success.

  • Are your programs online?
    Yes! All our programs are held virtually online through our online platform. We will also be moving into an in person program in the near future, following all COVID-19 Protocols for safety.
  • Can anyone register for BBYF programs?
    Yes!! Our programs are open and available to everyone!!! We welcome everyone from across Toronto and all over the world to be part of the BBYF community.
  • Does my child automatically move to the next tier as they age?
    Yes, as long as your child(ren) is still enrolled in the program, they elevate to the next Tier. Their spot will be reserved without the need to register for the next Tier.
  • What are the group sizes and child-to-staff ratios?
    Our group sizes and child to staff are determined based on the following ratios: Tier 1 program has a ratio of 1:8 (1 teacher per 8 children) Tier 2 program has a ratio of 1:15 (1 teacher per 15 children) Tier 3 program ratios are 1:30 (1 teacher per 30 children) Program ratios represent teaching instructors per group of participants. Each group will have additional educational assistants, supporting the programs in each Tier, including RECE's, Assistant Teachers, Tutors, Family Support workers, Youth mentors and much more!
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The Upskilling Youth Internship Program is proudly powered by Riipen

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